Unlocking the potential
of truly unified data

Whether for decision-making, better compliance or more agile management, real estate experts need a digital single source of truth that consists of real-time data. Integrating data seamlessly offers new insights and better integration for portfolio and asset management. IBPDI’s Common Data Model provides a foundation for the future development of platforms and applications that can capitalize on the new interoperability of data clusters to create holistic overviews of portfolio performance.

The data can be integrated – both internally and externally – without lock-in or license, fully customizable and is even free to commercialize. Moving building and portfolio management into a new era, this enables key players to address coming challenges for the industry, such as implementing ESG strategies or agile risk management.

Adapting the systems to their users

Being a fully open and industry-wide initiative, the goal of the International Building Performance & Data Initiative is to include all real estate companies and service providers in the process. Users and members are now able to shape the industry standard just by being a part of it.

Ready to create a new standard together?