Solving data compatibility
for an entire industry

When transferring and translating data between systems, departments or even service providers is a very time and resources-consuming process. The integration of a Common Data Model provides a new level of consistency and coherence for industry-related data. As a shared, industry-specific data language, it allows data clusters to coherently communicate and cooperate.

Connecting portfolio management with key performance indicators, such as energy usage and current occupancy, makes it possible for all departments and service partners to work using a common foundation for information – and that provides data-driven insights for more agile decision-making.

Through the knowledge of international industry experts such as the RICS, our Common Data Model makes the current state of industry standards compatible with the shared data language of the Microsoft Common Data Models.

Shaping the future standard together

A standard is only as good as the community that uses it. That’s why we’re working with real estate players from different working clusters to continuously improve the CDM for everyone in the industry. Members can shape the standard according to their needs and their knowledge, as well as receive guidance and opportunities to connect with others.

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