The global data standard
for real estate

International Building Performance & Data Initiative

IBPDI is the first global, industry-wide data and performance standard for real estate – a Common Data Model. This single source of truth offers advanced data-driven insights, enables benchmarking portfolio performance, integrates industry-specific KPIs and allows  effective decarbonization strategies.

As the global and industry-wide initiative, IBPDI is open, free and standardised. It enables a harmonized and secure way to exchange and connect data for more agile and sound decision-making that factors in every aspect of a real estate portfolio – from maintenance to finance.

The result of an exceptional cross-industry collaboration

IBPDI’s Common Data Model was made possible by the cooperation of key players in data solutions and real estate. Co-founded with innovation driver Microsoft and co-developed with the real estate experts from the RICS, pom+ and BuildingMinds, this new standard is a comprehensive and efficient solution that was developed with the entire industry’s needs in mind.

To ensure the specific needs of each specific real estate company are met, we’re inviting experts and members to become part of the project and send us any feedback they may have on the Common Data Model. By listening to voices from every sector of real estate, we’re developing a solution for the industry – by the industry.